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My surgical oncologist mentioned CanAssist Breast to me, and I’m so glad she did. My medical oncologist and I had decided to skip chemotherapy, so when this test result also came back low-risk, you can imagine how greatly comforting that was to me. I'm sure this test will bring some more direction to breast cancer patients, especially those who'd like to have the advantage of a well put together tumor profiling test by a caring and knowledgeable team backing their important treatment decisions

- Breast Cancer Patient, Chennai
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- Breast Cancer Patient

Before CanAssist Breast, the recurrence risk prediction was done by tests like Oncotype DX and Mamaprint. These tests are cost heavy due to which most patients opted out considering the test to be nothing more than an additional cost, it is possible that most oncologists are not aware of CanAssist Breast which is cost effective and most patients would like to opt in. Most people take chemo as ‘ram-band’ for cancer but they forget the terrible side effects it can have.

- Dr. Atul Samaiya, Surgical Oncologist, Bhopal

Many patients with early breast cancer can avoid chemotherapy, which is indeed very important looking at the economic benefits and the health benefits patients can get based on science and not just assumptions. The best part is this can be done at nominal additional cost. CanAssist Breast is more reliable as it is validated on Indian patients and saves more time as it is performed in India. I have prescribed a couple of patients, and they have definitely benefited. I am quite happy with the service.

- Dr. Jayanti Thumsi, Breast Surgeon, Bangalore
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CanAssist Breast test for Indian Breast Cancer Patients
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